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Sunday's main sport was done mainly by the organizers: to put more than a hundred certificates and medals (for the adults) in the right order and place. The contestants could lean back and recieve their prizes. In spite of the bad weather, and having to celebrate in the lodge, everyone could literally pat their shoulders. The peripatetic-cup was awarded to all three teams (Szeged,country, foreign countries) at once, because of the minimal differences in the achieved points.

On Saturday the adults were exhausted in line,for example with the 100 m running and long jumping. Push-ups were followed by swimming, where many could unfold their swimming abilities and see how high their stamina was. After lunch, as good nudists do, everyone rushed to the "Who is browner?" contest, where they could deploy their suntanned naked bodies, pursued by the very popular beer-drinking competiton, and arm-wrestling.

Friday was the kids' day. They began with the 100 m running, and after that, they could try themselves out in long-jumping. It also revealed how strong they are: at the push-up contest. The adults with childish souls had an opportunity to compete in ice-spitting, but it would've been awkward if they had also participated in mini-fishing and balloon-throwing. As a healthy dessert after lunch, the kids could consume an apple each at the apple-eating contest. Then came the arm-wrestling and the conventional martial art of the Sziki : Mini Sziki Sumo.